Choosing your system

Where to start

To choose a solar system, you will need to consider a few factors such as your desired outcome, your average energy consumption and your budget.

Do you have a specific budget in mind for your solar system? Some people prefer to give a set budget amount as see what they can get within the budget. Others have a set outcome in mind in terms of solar system performance.
Kindly take note Energy of Africa offers financing options/ rent to own with tax benefits.

Decide what you would like to achieve with your new solar system.
Would you like to add solar as a power supply to start saving on electricity bills and have back up power for load-shedding or go completely off grid with Eskom as back up?

Your solar installer will also ask you what is your monthly consumption/energy usage in kw/h units or Rand per month? To determine the energy consumption of a household, you can start by reviewing your electricity bills over the past year to get an idea of your average monthly usage. You can also use a smart meter or energy monitor to track your usage in real-time.

Other things to consider are the appliances you would like to run off the system and the types of appliances. Usually critical loads are considered to be plugs, lights, fridge, freezer, internet and computers. Heavy load appliances include underfloor heating, stove and geysers. Your solar installer should ask you what type of geyser do you have? Electric, Gass or Solar geyser. And also what type of stove do you have? Electric or Gas.

By considering all these factors you can start to have conversations with possible installers. Our solar professionals are here to help.