Benefits of using solar power in South Africa

Simply explained

Solar power is a way to make electricity using the sun. The sun sends out rays of light called solar energy. We use special things called solar panels to catch that energy and turn it into electricity. Solar panels look like big squares on the roof of a house or on the ground in a big field. Inside the solar panels, there are special things called solar cells. They take the energy from the sun and turn it into electricity that we can use to power our lights, our TVs, and even our cars! And the best part is that we don't have to use any gas or coal, so it's a clean way to make electricity and helps keep the Earth happy and healthy

A poem for fun

The sun, a mighty force in the sky,
Shining bright, up high, and oh so nigh.
It sends its rays, to Earth they go,
To power all, from high to low.

Solar panels, they soak up the light,
Converting it to energy, so bright.
Silicon cells, they do the work,
Creating electricity, without a smirk.

The energy is stored in a battery,
Ready to be used, when you're not feeling chattery.
It powers your home, your car, your street,
Thanks to the sun, life is always sweet.

No fuel to burn, no pollution to make,
Just the sun, our planet's own energy shake.
Clean and green, a sustainable way,
To power our lives, each and every day.