How to choose the right Solar Installer

Getting Started

Choosing a solar installer is an important decision when it comes to installing a solar power system for your home or business. We get countless calls from people who went with someone with less experience and ended up with a system that does not work properly. We encourage you to read this article and start your selection process cautiously and well informed.

Here are a few things to consider when making your selection:

1 – Experience

Look for an installer with experience in installing solar power systems similar to the one you need. The more experience they have, the more likely they are to provide a high-quality installation. Do not be afraid to ask questions and test their knowledge. Compare the answers of a couple of installers to find someone who has real experience. You will soon find there are a lot of opinions out there and this can be frustrating. It will however be worth it to do your screening process thoroughly and go with someone you feel you can trust.

Energy of Africa has been in the Solar business for over 10 years and have done over a thousand installations for homes and businesses. We are here to assist with what you need.

2 – Quality of equipment

Make sure the installer uses high-quality equipment from reputable manufacturers. This will ensure that your solar power system is reliable and efficient. Some installers are not up to date with the latest technological advances in solar and can remain bias in only using products they are familiar with. At Energy of Africa we stay up to date with the latest best products making sure our customers get the most effective products at the best prices.

In addition system efficiency is also dependent on a proper design. There are a couple of sums your provider needs to be able to do to make sure the system is working at optimal capacity.

All the equipment Energy of Africa sells are known brands, Tier 1 rated, that we have been meticulously tested and selected for durability and quality. All products have longstanding warrantees and local product support.

3 – Warranty and maintenance

Find out what kind of warranty and maintenance the installer offers. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your solar power system is protected in case of any issues.  

Energy of Africa only sells equipment that come with supplier warranties. They are as follows:

  • Solar Panels: 12/15 years on the product and 25 years on energy output
  • Inverters: 5 years. Some are extendable up to 20 years
  • Lithium batteries: Most are 10 years. Some are 5 years
  • Workmanship: 2 years
  • Gel Batteries: 1 years (not advisable)

If there are any issues Energy of Africa sends a technician to asses the situation. In the case of a product malfunction technical support cal log into the system remotely and do an assessment. We will collect the product if the product needs to be taken in for repairs. We will also provide you with a loan unit at no extra cost whilst your product is in for repair. If the problem is a result of installation we will promptly correct accordingly.

4 – Cost

Get quotes from several installers to compare prices. However, be careful not to solely base your decision on price, as it may compromise the quality and reliability of the installation.

Make sure that everything is included in your quote so that you don't get any surprises later. At Energy of Africa we include installation fee, electrical assessment done by electricians for COC, all products including breakers, switch gear and minor components. Our quotes therefore include all costs for a system fully compliant and acceptable by insurance companies. And allows us to issue an COC (Electrical certificate of compliance).

Look out for installers who do not include VAT in quotations. This is due to either not being tax compliant or they have installed less than 10 systems and therefore have limited installation experience. All our prices includes tax.

Furthermore it helps to decide on the specific brand and size of your system and ask each company to give you an updated quote. This way you can compare apples with apples. Energy of Africa believes in providing products at the best and affordable prices by keeping our monthly expenses to a minimum.

6 – Customer service and communication

A good solar installer should have good customer service and communicate effectively throughout the entire process of installation.

Energy of Africa is always one call or WhatsApp away with excellent response time. We have designated sales consultants that are available for clear and up to date communication.

7 – Check references and read reviews

Before making a decision, talk to previous customers of the solar installer, read online reviews to know the reputation of the installer.A good solar installer should have good customer service and communicate effectively throughout the entire process of installation.

The finale

By considering these factors, you can be confident that you are choosing a solar installer who will provide a high-quality installation that meets your needs and budget.